This article displays and describes the family of Sandy Cheeks.

Family Tree EditEdit

The following is a family tree of the Cheeks family.

Dark Knight
Many Generations
Western Cheeks
Many Generations
    |                                      |
Grandpa Cheeks + Grandma Cheeks       Rosie Cheeks
               |____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________
               |                                                    |                                                |
           Mr. Cheeks + Mrs. Cheeks              Unknown Uncle or Aunt of Sandy and Randy        Other Uncles and Aunts of Sandy and Randy
                      |_________________                            |                                                |                                             
                      |                 |                           |                                                |
                 Sandra Cheeks     Randy Cheeks     Scottish Cousin of Sandra and Randy      Earl and other Woodchuck Cousins of Sandy and Randy

List EditEdit

[1]Sandra ("Sandy")Added by123glamma[2]Sandy (right) and her Pa (left).Added byGojiBob[3]Added by120d[4]Scottish CousinAdded by120d*Sandy Cheeks - the main female character of the series.

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