This is a list of season three transcripts of the hit T.V. series "The Adventures Of Gary The Snail".

42. Snellie's Big Race - In this episode, Squidward enters Snellie, Gary and Lary in the Oyster Stadium in the big race against Squilliam Fancyson and his guardworm MegaBuck.

43. Lary's Big Crush - Lary falls in love with a female snail named Lucy.

44. The Search For Harold SquarePants' Glasses - Gary and his snail friends must find Harold's glasses before SpongeBob and the others buy a new one.

45. Gary In Mid Evil Times - Gary, Snellie and Lary are dreaming about mid-evil times saving the world from monsters destroying the village and so were their snail friends.

46. Even Snails Get Hungry - Snails, Worms and even all the people of Bikini Bottom are getting really hungry and all the snails and worms are gonna find the food back from the sloppy food monster known as The Appetizer.

47. Diary Of A Curious Snail - When Gary learns that famous snails have written books that get there selves noticed. And Gary wants to be noticed. So Gary writes an 211 page Book. Its about his life and his family. Gary sends the book. A week later it gets published! Gary becomes a famous Snail book writer. SpongeBob, discovers this! Gary says he just wanted to get noticed more. SpongeBob teaches Gary That you don't need to be noticed to be Famous. But, Some News people keep bugging them! So Gary And SpongeBob must find a way of getting out of this! Meanwhile, Scooter gets a new surfboard so he can win the surfing challenge.

48. Love Hurts - It's Valentines day in town (again). Love is in the air for everyone except Gary. Snellie is on a vacation at a snail spa, so Gary Sends her a love letter. But hes Lonely. Gary and SpongeBob walk through to streets. SpongeBob and Tom meet and talk to each other. Tom says it would be great if Daniel and Gary could play again. So they go to the Pet Daycare. Daniel is having fun but not Gary. However, several Girl Snails start to tease Gary that Snellie hates him and left him! Gary gets mad and bites them! Daniel gets teased to and They push Gary! Gary and Daniel want revenge on them and they end up in a pranking war! Meanwhile, SpongeBob and Tom discover that there favorite T.V. show has been cancelled and try to get it back on air.

49. Flashback Attack - SpongeBob sends Gary to Pet Daycare again because he has something to do at The Krusty Krab. Gary Plays with Daniel, Lary, Snellie and the rest of his snail friends at the daycare. However, while playing with a ball, Gary chases it! So Snellie, Daniel, Lary and the rest of the snail friends try to catch up to him! The ball lands into The Storage closet and Gary goes in there! Snellie, Daniel, Lary and the rest of the snail friends go in but get locked in! Now, Gary, Daniel, Snellie, Lary and the rest of the snail friends are trapped in the closet! Now, they must wait for SpongeBob to be done at The Krusty Krab! So, to pass the time they share flashbacks of past episodes. There is no Sub-plot in this episode.

50. Halloween Snail - Its Halloween! (Boo!) SpongeBob gets ready to put on his costume. (which is a Ghost) The doorbell rings. Its Daniel and Snellie. Gary says that he is going out trick or treating with them. SpongeBob reminds him a whole bunch of things on how to be safe. So Gary, Snellie and Daniel, and the rest of the snail friends go out as Prehistoric Dino Snails for Halloween. They run Into the Flying Dutchman! He says that in the old cemetery there is a jewel that will allow power! Plankton overhears this and tries to steal the jewel! Gary, Snellie and Daniel go into the Cemetery to try and find this Jewel. But plankton is after it to! Will they stop him in time? Meanwhile, Patrick and SpongeBob get into a debate if a persons bones can fall out if they are scared the death.

51. Gary Idol - In this crossover episode with Underwater Idol, Gary goes to see the idol. Daniel and Snellie go along and Yo-yo as well. Gary wishes he could be on the show. Snellie thinks she would be a great singer. Gary decides to sing a song. Believe it or not but Gary and Snellie get to be on the show. Even Though they only sang words like Meow. However everyone gets mad that Two snails are on the show and they can't sing! Can they try to tell Snellie and Gary that they aren't good singers without hurting their feelings? Meanwhile, Yo-yo has a problem of his own. Some people are surprised to see a famous snail! So they start following Yo-yo around and asking him for a autograph!

52.  ROAR - The ancestors of Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Little Dollar, Yo-yo, Boss, Dan, Spike, Micheal, Victoria, Eugene, Pat, Penney, Sweet Sue, Edward, Petey, Muffsies, Foofie and Mary are having a prehistoric party with SpongeGar, Patar and Squog.

53. Gary Squad - In this Crossover Episode with Squid Squad, Squidward needs help! He asks Gary, Snellie, Daniel and the rest of the snail friends if they can help him! They agree because they are bored and SpongeBob has something to do at work. Squidward explains about the war going on with Squilliam. Believe it or not but Gary, Snellie and Daniel win a lot of battles! But Squilliam is sick and tired of losing and makes robot snails that look like Gary, Snellie, Daniel and the rest of the snail friends! They copy what they do and cant be stopped! However, it turns out that there is a few bugs with the snails and the go crazy and now there trying to destroy the whole sea! Now, its up to Squidward's team, the snails, and Squilliam's team to stop them! There is no sub-plot in this episode.

54. Gary and Monroe - In this crossover episode with The Monroe Show, Monroe comes up to SpongeBob's house. He sees Gary and comments that Gary is so cute and would like to take care of him for a while! SpongeBob agrees, but he can watch Gary for a day though. They have so much fun! They play board games ect. But Plankton is still mad at Gary for ruining his plans and kidnaps Gary! Now, its up to Monroe to rescue Gary! There is no Sub-plot in this episode.

55. Rocking The Truth - (Since Clap master told me that Rocky was a snail I will put him in this episode) In this episode, SpongeBob and Gary go to Patrick's house and visit Patrick. Patrick tells them something shocking! Rocky is indeed a snail! He tells them that he discovered that it was a snail called a Hermit Snail. They hide in their shells (which is a rock is disguise). Gary decides to hang out with Rocky. They Have so much fun! But while walking past a shop, a nearby painter accidentally spills some brown paint on Gary! Now he looks like Rocky! Sadly, the paint wont come off. Rocky tells him that only a certain type on water can clean it off. So rocky goes to the store and looks for it! But Gary is nervous that SpongeBob will give him a Bath if he sees the paint! Can Gary keep this secret from SpongeBob and Will Rocky get the water in Time? No sub-plot in this episode.

56. Truth or Snail - Gary is having another party! He Invites Little Dollar, Snellie, Daniel, Rocky, and Yo-yo and the rest of his snail friends. The play a game of Truth Or Dare! Snellie Dares Yo-yo, that he could go 24 hours without a autograph! The Snails decide to put aside there annoying habits for a day! Snellie must stop grooming herself, Gary must stop playing with Daniel for a day, Daniel must stop playing with Gary for a day, Little Dollar must introduce himself to Pearl! (lol) Rocky must come out of his shell for a day.

57. Snail Freenzy - When Snellie and Squidward get hired to be on a fashion commercial they leave town! Gary and SpongeBob go to visit them! Squidward thinks that SpongeBob might mess something up! But the Director likes SpongeBob's look! So Gary and SpongeBob find cool clothes to! But Squidward gets jealous and they end up in a fashion war! Can Gary and Snellie get them to calm down? Meanwhile, Patrick starts being followed around by camera men and he's gonna be on a show!

58. The Eye Of The Snail - A new Dojo opens up in town. Gary and Daniel are excited about this! The Three Snails from Love Hurts return! It was revealed that they made a truce and are now friends! They explain that they have training for pets. So Gary and Daniel decide to visit this place. The Dojo master Wu Han ( a Japanese fighting fish lol!) welcomes them. It turns out that the Dojo Master Has his own snail that teaches the pets! The Snail's name is Master Snell Ku. He decides to teach Gary, Daniel and the rest of their snail friends. Gary, Daniel and the rest of their snail friends get their white Belts. SpongeBob likes this idea, because Gary needs to get out of the house and get some air. But Gary, Daniel and the rest of their snail friends have no idea that it will get harder and harder to get there belts! Meanwhile Patrick becomes a pro at Ping-Pong.

59. Snail Sale -  SpongeBob does a test run for a burglar alarm! SpongeBob pretends to be a burglar and Gary must find the Spray Paint to pretend Spray SpongeBob! But Gary takes a long time to find it. SpongeBob says that if a real burglar was here, Gary wouldn't stop him in time. Gary says that there is way to many stuff in this house that you don't use! SpongeBob thinks about this and decides to sell some stuff. His Yard Sale ends up being a hit! But a business man says that he must have a Yard Sale Card for him to sell stuff and SpongeBob is in Trouble! He must get A Yard Sale Card before he gets sold. But the Clerk at Renewing/ New Credit Card store is very busy! SpongeBob leaves Gary in charge of the stand while he is waiting but things don't go as planned. But it turns out that the Business man is Plankton! Can SpongeBob get back in time?

60. Something Slimey This Way Comes - While Gary, Rocky, Daniel and the rest of the snail friends are chatting with each other, Daniel says he has to go somewhere. But he says it nervously. Gary and Rocky are wondering where he is going and decide to follow him! It turns out That Daniel has a crush on Mrs. Puff's Snail! It is revealed that it's name is Sam (made the name up) and love each other! But Daniel gets scared after there first date. So Gary, Rocky and the rest of the snail friends decide to help Daniel out on how to do a better date and get Sam to like him. Meanwhile, Tom (Daniel's owner) and Mrs. Puff end up falling in love with each other!

61. Surf Snail - The Goo Lagoon is having another surfing contest. Gary wishes he could surf. SpongeBob is going surfing but decides to teach Gary how to surf! After a couple minutes, SpongeBob takes Gary to the Goo Lagoon! Gary meets a famous surfing snail called: Surfing Steve! And Surfing Steve belongs to Scooter! But will Gary be able to beat Surfing Steve and these other Surfers? Meanwhile, Squidward takes Snellie to the groomers, but things don't go well when Snellie gets scared!

62. The Package - While playing with Gary, Rocky, and Daniel, and the rest of the Snail Friends Snellie says she must deliver an important package to Mr. Krabs. Its Medicine For Little Dollar. Snellie explains that she and Squidward have been hired to help animals in need. Its a service project and members names are randomly picked out of a hat. But Snellie needs help delivering this package because its crowded today because of a special at the Barg 'n' Marts! Meanwhile, while Mr. Krabs waits for Snellie to arrive with package, he takes care of Little Dollar but Mr. Krabs tells him that the package is a shot for snails. Little Dollar is afraid of shots but he doesn't want to upset Mr. Krabs, what will he do?

63. The Snail Of July -  Its the 4th of July in town! Gary decides to celebrate by painting his shell Red, White, and Blue! A 4th of July agent spots him, and is shocked by the color of Gary's shell! Gary says that he just painted it to celebrate the 4th of July! But the Agent wants him to be on the 4th of July talk show! Gary tells Daniel and Rocky this! While Gary is on his first Talk show, almost everyone in town showed up! But Daniel and Rocky discover that this 4th of the July agent is one of Plankton's robots! Plankton's plan is he will launch an explosive rocket that will blow the town away! Can Daniel and Rocky get through this crowd and tell Gary what's actually going on? Meanwhile, SpongeBob has a 4th of July party at his house but it doesn't go as planned.

64. Catch The Phrase - A famous French Snail comes to town! He is also a cook who belongs to that guy from Le Big Switch. Gary is surprised and takes Daniel, Rocky, Yo-yo and Snellie and the rest of the snail friends along! Everyone is surprised to see a french snail that's a chef! After he makes some Kelp Dogs he says his Catch Phrase: Shazaam! Gary says that all famous snails have a catch phrase which upsets Yo-yo because he doesn't have a catch phrase. So Yo-yo tries to find a catch phrase! Meanwhile, Rocky misses Patrick (because Patrick is on cruise, see Clap master (Patrick's Paradise series) so Daniel and Snellie try to cheer him up.

65. Snails, Squids and Squirrels - In this Crossover Episode with With Squidward Vs. Sandy, Squidward needs help again! He turns to Gary, Snellie, Rocky, Daniel and the rest of the Snail Friends! He explains about what is going on with the battle with sandy and her squirrels! So Gary, Daniel, Rocky and Snellie and the rest of the snail friends agree to help him! But little do they know that Plankton overheard what they were talking about and follows them there! The Reason Plankton wants to go see the squirrels and Squids is because he made a mind control Helmet for squirrels and squids and plans on using it to Mind Control The Squirrels and Squids! Plankton disguises him self as a salesman and says that The Helmets are nice hats! The Squids and Squirrels decide to stop fighting for now and grab the hats. But Plankton rips off his disguise and tells them that those "Hats" are actually mind Control Helmets! Squidward and his squids get mind controlled and Sandy and Her squirrels get controlled! Plankton orders them to attack the Krusty Krab and steal the Krabby Patty Formula! Now Its up to Gary, Snellie, Rocky, Daniel and the rest of the snail friends to stop Plankton!

66. Farewell Mary - Mable Monica is taking her pet snail Mary somewhere like France or Paris along with Brad the handsome fish and his pet snail Billy. Will Mary the Snail stay with her Snail Friends along with Billy the Snail or will she leave her Snail Friends forever?

67. Monster Island For Monsters - In this episode SpongeBob and Patrick leads all the monsters that they know in so many episode to a place called Monster Island where they meet The Trench Monsters from the movie there. Gary and his Snail Friends do not appear in this episode.

68. Gary's Great Adventure - Gary, Little Dollar, Yo-Yo, Snellie, Daniel, Rocky and all the other Snail Friends play in the sand. Daniel digs up a treasure map. They Meet a guy named Fishianda Jones and he has 2 snails: One Named Drake and One named Ed. He Explains that the Map is too a temple in a jungle. But Plankton hears them and follows them there! Will They Find out that Plankton followed them and what power does this Temple hold? Then, Gary, Little Dollar, Yo-Yo, Snellie, Daniel, Rocky, Ed, Drake, The rest of the Snail Friends and Fishianda Jones search through the jungle. They decide to camp out and take a break. But Snellie hears something. A Sea Snake jumps down from the tree and scares them! Fishianda Jones says that he afraid of Sea Snakes! So, He Throws a torch at the snake! They Start walking again. Ed starts meowing and finds something. Its a Robot Hand! Yo-Yo wonders what a robot hand is doing out here. Then, Plankton comes flying out of nowhere! He says that he followed them there! He says that the robot hand is his and picks it up and blows up a whole bunch of trees! It turns out the be an entrance to the temple! He says that they must lead him there or he will kill them by throwing them into a pit! After a whole bunch of death traps they reach the heart of the temple! There is a giant crystal there and Plankton takes the robot hand and uses to rip a piece off it! Ed tries to stop him, but its too late! The Temple goes crazy and a giant bolder falls down! Gary tries to chase Plankton but Drake says to let him go because they are going to be crushed by a giant bolder! Ed, Drake, and Fishianda Jones use there secret tools and manage to get everyone out! The Bolder crashes into a million pieces. Daniel says what about Plankton and the crystal? Ed and Drake say just leave him alone for now. So Gary, Snellie, Rocky, Yo-Yo, Daniel, Little Dollar and the rest of the Snail Friends go home and tell SpongeBob about what happened.

The Adventures Of Gary The Snail Movie - Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Little Dollar, Yo-yo, Boss, Dan, Spike, Micheal, Victoria, Eugene, Pat, Penney, Sweet Sue, Edward, Petey, Muffsies, Foofie, Mary, Billy, Rocky, Mr. Doodles, Mrs, Squiggles, Kenny, Jan, Max, Rex and of course Plankton was set off for Monster Island to retrieve the trident of King Neptune with the help from the legendary characters from Legends Of Bikini Bottom.

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