The Bikini Bottom Mint is the location where all the money distributed in Bikini Bottom is created. It appears only in the episode Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation.

Exterior EditEdit

The outside of the Bikini Bottom Mint is very unique. It appears to look like a giant treasure chest. Unlike most places, it as a single door. It has a giant key hole (which only purpose is for the treasure chest-like design) and a giant gold coin in the middle. It also has a golden banner at the top that says "The Mint" on it with stars also on the sides.

Interior EditEdit

It is very large inside The Binkini Bottom Mint with many machines. The designs inside look almost similar to a factory with a money press and coin maker. It even has a large machine that is used to burn money but then remake them into newer money. Also, Bill seems to be the only employee at The Mint and appears to not like his job very much.

Trivia EditEdit

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