The Fun Arcade is an arcade with video games and other slot machine-like games that operate on coins (possibly tokens). The structure of the building is shaped like a bucket (like the Chum Bucket) with coins in it. It has a large arrow-shaped neon sign that says "Fun" and points to the word on the building "Arcade" The inside also features bathrooms and a change machine that accepts bills. Its only appearance is "The Cent of Money" but the "youngsters" (as called by Mr. Krabs) from episodes such as "Mid-Life Crustacean" probably "hang out" here. Many people visit it as seen in "The Cent of Money". The machine that gives change is destroyed in its first appearance, when Mr. Krabs uses Gary as a magnet to steal change. It also makes a short appearance in "Karate Star", where Patrick chops one of the games. The games in there are parodies of games from Nintendo, Sega, Atari, and many other video game manufacters. The arcade has security. It has made three appearances so far thoughout the SpongeBob series.

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