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The Bi-Annual Jellyfish Convention is a convention for Jellyfishers. It is located in a huge stadium, and

it has a big turnouts. There are many different activities located there, such as talk with Kevin the Sea Cucumber, meet Jeffrey Jellyfish, see Dr. Manowar discussing about his encounter with Big Lenny, and interact and use many things. SpongeBob and Patrick only visit it in the episode, "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic." It was also mentioned in episode "I Was a Teenage Gary".

Layout and Concept EditEdit

[1]InsideAdded by McskarThe Layout of the Bi-Annual jellyfish Convention is of a fairly organized and structured convention similar to a Comic-Con convention. The exterior of the stadium has been set up well. There is a huge sign in a red text displaying: 'WELCOME JELLYFISHERS'. There are many entrances to the inside and there are many boats surrounding the convention, hinting that there is a huge parking lot and that the convention is popular. Around the area of the stadium are Jellyfish shaped balloons. Inside the stadium it is neat and of a great standard. There are many tables with different things on them such as jellyfish in jars and pictures of them. The theme of the layout is Jellyfish, as there are banners, balloons and signs all to do with Jellyfish. There is also a Jellyfish Harpoon from Jellyfish: The Movie. There are also stages where people talk to the of the crowd. Patrick needs to be followed around by a security guard because he cannot stop touching everything he looks at. SpongeBob buys his purple Jellyfish hat at the convention, too.

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