The Appetizer is a monster made by Mr. Krabs that was originally supposed to be a type of food. It ate things smaller than itself till it's huge. But nobody saw it. All they saw was the Appetizer trying to eat Mr. Krabs and Patrick.

First Seen Edit

Squidward runs into the kitchen after seeing an explosion caused by Mr. Krabs trying to cook peas the "old-fashioned" way. Squidward tells him that he needs to take them out of the, then he looks at the grill and sees The Appetizer on the grill. He is startled by it and yells, "HOLY FISH PASTE! WHAT IS THAT?!" Mr. Krabs says it is The Appetizer. Later it comes out of the kitchen as a monster and caused the destruction of the fake 5-star Krusty Krab.

Appearance Edit

The Appetizer is a brown sloppy monster with one eye. The creature has a foot, plants, a shell, and a pair of fly wings.

The Appetizer comes out

Gallery Edit

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Run for your lives everyone It's the Appetizer
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